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The Devipur HISTORY

A dream come true, a magical place in the most colorful state of India: Rajasthan.

A project born from the union of love, knowledge and passion for India, for spiritual traditions and for communities based on the celebration of life!

Devipur means "the fortress of the Goddess", which manifests itself in a fort over 350 years old, in Rajasthan!



Maya Swati Devi has been traveling and living in India since 1996 and fell in love with Rajasthan, the land of the Maharajas and Maharanis. During these many decades, she has explored the artistic and cultural heritage of India, especially Rajasthani dances. She danced with the most famous Kalbeliya dancers (Suva Devi, Gulabo Sapera, Sayari Sapera) of the snake charmer caste , organizing events and shows with at Pachewar Fort.

In 2010  Maya met Mrs. Maharani Madhulika Singh Ji, owner and  sixth generation guardian of Fort Pachewar Ghar. 

Thakur Anoop Singh Ji Khangarot, the then Qileidar of Khandar captured the Fort of Ranthambore from the Marathas and annexed it into Jaipur. In lieu of his exemplary courage and loyalty to Maharaja Sawai Madhosingh Ji -1 of Jaipur, he was rewarded with the fief of Pachewar in 1758 A.D. The Fort was passed on to 5 generations, until Mrs Madhulika Singh ji (the current owner) that has the responsability of taking the legacy ahead.

In 2022, the esteem and respect that she has always had for Mrs. Madhulika Ji allowed Maya to propose the DEVIPUR project,  dedicating a majority part of the Fort to spreading the cultural gifts of India; traditional yoga,  dance, royal events, creating something  magnificent and unique.

Devipur will welcome students from India and all over the world to spread some of the most ancient spiritual paths and traditions.

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Mr. Madhulika Singh 


Mrs. Madhulika Singh Ji is the Maharani - mahārānī/ nf. Queen – and sixth generation guardian of Fort Pachewar.

In April 2022, Maya spent time with Madhulika Ji at the Pachewar Fort dreaming up the Devipur project.

During the cool mornings they shared yoga practices while the peacocks sang and in the warm, quiet rural Rajasthani nights they sat in the garden courtyard talking and laughing under the bright brilliant moon and stars.

Madulika shared stories of her family lineage, her childhood and her 25 year mission to bring the Fort back to its former glory after 60 years of disuse.

Madhulika was eager to support the Devipur project from the very beginning and offered to participate in our dream to create a community of divine celebration.

Maya promised, in turn, to join Madhulika Ji in her effort to restore Pachewar Fort to its past splendor.

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Express your Royal  Self


In a Heritage Fort in Rajasthan,

Devipur offers you access to the traditional cultures of India, including dance, music and yoga.

Our royal yoga retreats, workshops and certified teacher trainings are dedicated to express your divinity!


देवी (Devi) is the dynamic side or polarity of the Absolute.

Because Devi is dynamic  “she” is defined as the feminine aspect of the Absolute.

This is her क्रीडा (kridaa), her play, where she chooses to express all her potentials, and she is expressing herself as YOU.

So you have the freedom to express your blissful potential.    

Through the practices at Devipur you will  be the the creator of your reality, the absolute celebrating life as you.

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